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Welcome to Tulsa MET!

We take applications year round. Click here for the middle school application. Click here for the high school application.

At Tulsa MET, we are committed to celebrating the strengths of every student and developing life-long learners who positively impact their communities. We are a transformative school where students find their own purpose.

Tulsa MET is a metropolitan middle and high school, which means we accept students in grades 6-12 from every school across Tulsa Public Schools who want a unique, highly supportive, and challenging learning experience anchored by high standards and family engagement.


Every student has an advisory period in their day for a positive and interactive relationship between each student and their individual advisor. Our advisors work to build a safe and open relationship with each student through hands-on activities and lessons that kick start and feed the mind. We pair a student with an advisor who will follow and support them for many years to help them master and become confident in project-based learning, collaborative ideas, and student-led free thinking.

Exhibitions of Learning

Throughout the year, Tulsa MET students demonstrate their academic understanding through "Exhibitions of Learning". During the exhibitions of learning, students are free to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained through academic courses during a presentation to their advisory class, with their families in attendance. The exhibition allows students to work on skills they will need throughout college, career, and life; such as, public speaking, organizational skills, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Project Bike Tech

Project Bike Tech uses bicycle education as a way to teach core academics, enhance lives, create career opportunities, and inspire new generations to be passionate about bikes. 

Project Bike Tech classes provide:

  • Standards-based curriculum on the mechanics of the bicycle
  • A hands-on, multi-sensory learning environment
  • Opportunities for increased personal health, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Specific career training to compete in today’s job market
  • Top-notch instruction that reinforces core skills
  • The tools to embrace cycling as a form of sustainable transportation and lifelong recreational activity

Our students

There isn't a "typical" MET student because all of our students are wonderfully unique!

At Tulsa MET, students:

  • Discover new passions and are encouraged to pursue them beyond the classroom through real-world internships, daily advisory, increased adult support, close community partnerships, and charitable and philanthropic work.
  • Are welcomed into a holistic and non-traditional school setting, including project-based learning, community-centered partnerships, alternative scheduling, and personal attention.
  • Receive more guidance toward achieving academic excellence with smaller class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and individual learning plans.
  • Find comfort and acceptance in a safe space where they belong and individual self-expression, self-identity, creativity and orientation are valued.
  • Love learning and develop meaningful connections with teachers and peers through sustained engagement and ownership of learning.

OUr team

The Tulsa MET Middle and High School staff is as unique as our student body. Our faculty understands that our students are creative, passionate, and have interests outside of school.

Students are more than a test score. We see every child for who they are and create an individualistic educational environment to help them develop the skills they need throughout college, career, and life, while working to use each individual skill set to improve humanity.

Four students at graduation

Tulsa MET

6201 E. Virgin St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115
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Phone: 918-746-9300
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Community Garden

In addition to our Internship Program on the academic side, Tulsa MET believes that each child learns through different facets. With that, we allow our students the freedom to create and express themselves as they desire. Our onsite Community Garden is a perfect way to incorporate the 'hands-on' aspect. Each time they discover a new blooming fruit or vegetable, it is like a work of art for them and proof of success! Getting involved with our Tulsa Community is also another way to help our students take the initiative to give back and become innovative free-thinkers! 

Art in hallway