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Tulsa MET Senior Spotlight: Kailah Puckett

Music has become a way of life for Tulsa MET’s Kailah Puckett

“It feels amazing, and I love it! It makes me feel so energetic, it makes me feel happy. I love it so much,” she said.

Kailah has played the upright bass for 6 years, becoming a leader in the Sistema Orchestra in Tulsa.

Battling challenges in her life, Kailah came to Tulsa MET as a sophomore and put her faith in her music.

“She came here as a new student through the advice of my advisory student,” art teacher Jill Hammer said.

Hammer said Kailah’s passion began to blossom.

“She works hard at everything she does. She tries to do her best always, and her best is really good,” she said.

Kailah kept her grades up, maintaining a nearly 4.0. Her motivation? Avoid getting grounded.

“Being grounded and not being able to do nothing. I’d have extra chores to do, so I keep my grades up,” Kailah said.

But she also wanted to set an example for her three younger siblings.

“I took it seriously because I want them to have an education and move on with their lives, to actually do what they want to do,” she said.

Kailah has been interning and volunteering for two years at the Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit that helps veterans in need.

“People need to know that this place exists because they need to have a place to help them [veterans] get what they need,” she said.

She’s there often, lending a hand.

“They don’t have any help with cooking the lunch for all the veterans, cleaning around, organizing the place, and upgrading the place,” she said.

Sometimes she just goes there to listen.

“Some veterans that do come in, do cry, or have their attacks because they have been through a lot,” she said.

While volunteering has a special place in her heart, it’s Kailah's music that truly drives her forward – falling love with the emotion she can feel in the notes.

“The anger, the resentment, the happiness, the sadness, it was all in one. That’s what I want. I want to create music within the background of the lyrics so it will match the lyrics to get that same feeling, that you’re not alone but this can help you feel better about yourself, it can help you feel better that there is still hope even if you are going through something,” she said.

Her goal is to own her own business and travel across the world.

“I can produce a lot of like, background music in the movies. I want that, but I also want to create my own albums like that, like a record label,” she said.

Kailah hopes to connect with others that have experienced similar highs and lows as her.

“There’s going to be big challenges, this is one of them and you can go through it. You’re not alone and I want to get that message out,” she said.

Her advisor, Alexandra Nanik, sees her potential every day.

“She is just fantastic. I’ve had her the last two years, not only in advisory but in history, and she has just grown so much as a person,” Alexandra said.

She is excited to see Kailah succeed in life after graduation.

“Never give up and always try new things, which I know you will because you have great plans for life,” Alexandra said.

Kailah credits Tulsa MET and its staff for helping her be successful.

“It may be a small school, but it has teachers and people here to help you and to motivate you to graduate,” she said.

Kailah said it was the relationships her teachers formed with her that brought comfort in times of darkness.

“It still affects me because it affects people in different ways. I’ve had that point where I wanted to just give up. I didn’t want to do anything,” she said.

But now she is motivated more than ever to give that same hope to others.

“You can’t buy that with money, that’s just the generous feeling you get from greeting a person because they look down or helping out people that have trouble,” she said.