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Tulsa MET Middle and High School
Updated July 2023

TPS Board Policy 2601-R “Student Dress Code”

Clothing: ALL designs must be appropriate for the educational setting 

  • Tops: School appropriate non-collared, or collared shirts, (blouses, polos, button ups, t-shirts) and dresses. School appropriate designs are allowed.
    • Hoodies (for school safety must not cover students faces), pullovers or light jackets. Heavy coats must be stored in a locker 
    • Attire that reveals cleavage or midriff area is not permitted, regardless of gender 
    • Undergarments must not show under straps, arm holes, or material
    • Students are highly encouraged to wear MET or TPS spirit wear! 
    • All tops must have straps, or be short or long sleeves
  • Bottoms: 
    • Black or khaki pants, jeans, joggers, shorts, skirts, dresses
    • Tights/leggings as outerwear, sleepwear, or swimwear are not permitted
    • Skirts, dresses and holes in jeans must be below fingertip length OR have tights or leggings underneath
    • Undergarments must not show (sagging is not acceptable)


  • Slippers, swim shoes or house shoes are not permitted
  • Closed toe, flat shoes must be worn for PE/physical activities 

Items of Special Notice:

  • See Policy 2601-R: Permitted garments shall be clean, in good repair, and shall have no holes, worn through, slashes or rips.
  • Head coverings are not permitted to cover the face, unless previously authorized by administration - for safety we must be able to identify students on camera at all times
  • Student IDs should be worn at all times - students will be given an initial ID, replacement IDs will cost $2
  • NOT PERMITTED: Any designs, accessories or items with references to marijuana/drugs/alcohol, sexuality, gang insignia, weapons/violence etc. This includes bullet casings as décor, and tattoos with references to prohibited items must be covered. Weapons of any kind, including mace/pepper spray are not to be on campus or part of dress. Bandanas of any color are not permitted at Tulsa MET. 
  • Pajamas are not permitted unless it is a PJ day

At Tulsa MET we expect students to dress for real world community experiences, this means casual, yet well groomed, with appropriate clothing. Safety is our utmost priority, and we have high expectations for all students to do their part in carrying their student ID.  If students need assistance with clothing or hygiene, please do not hesitate to let a staff member know. 

The fact that something is not specifically listed is not a valid excuse for dressing in a manner contrary, or is not complementary to, or respectful of the intent outlined by this uniform code. Students who elect not to conform to the dress and grooming rules set forth by TPS Policy 2601-R, will be subject to disciplinary actions and/or sanctions as defined by the TPS Behavior Response Plan.


If in doubt, ask before wearing!