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We at Tulsa MET
are a 'hands-on'
teaching school.

We show our students how
to appreciate a hard day's
work and how to take an
idea and put it into action.

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In addition to our internship program on the academic side, Tulsa MET believes that each child learns through different facets.  With that, we allow our students the freedom to create and express themselves as they desire.  Our onsite Community Garden is a perfect way to incorporate the 'hands-on' aspect.  Each time they discover a new blooming fruit or vegetable, it is like a work of art for them and proof of success! Getting involved with our Tulsa Community is also another way to help our students take the initiative to give back and become innovative freethinkers! 


Other programs and activities that have sparked interest with us here at Tulsa MET:
  • Creating our own prom
  • Participating in Tulsa races/marathons
  • Assisting in local recycling ideas
  • Food pantry participation
  • Art on the walls (murals)
  • Yoga
Students chisel sign